Sample data objects and functions

IpatchSample — Sample audio interface
IpatchSampleData — Sample data proxy object.
IpatchSampleStore — Abstract sample storage object
IpatchSampleTransform — Audio format conversion instance
sample — Audio sample format conversion functions and defines.
IpatchSampleList — Sample list data types and functions
IpatchSndFile — libsndfile file object
IpatchSampleStoreCache — Sample store object for cached samples in RAM
IpatchSampleStoreFile — Sample store object type for audio in files on disk
IpatchSampleStoreRam — Sample store object for audio data in RAM
IpatchSampleStoreRom — Sample storage object for audio in ROM of a sound card
IpatchSampleStoreSndFile — Sample store object type which uses libsndfile to access audio in sound files
IpatchSampleStoreSplit24 — Sample storage object for 24 bit audio in 16 and 8 bit segments
IpatchSampleStoreSwap — Sample storage object for audio in a temporary swap file
IpatchSampleStoreVirtual — Virtual sample storage object