For libinstpatch 1.0.0. The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at

Base objects and functions
IpatchItem — Abstract base item object
IpatchContainer — Abstract object type used for items containing other child items.
IpatchBase — Base instrument file object type
IpatchFile — File abstraction object
IpatchVirtualContainer — Virtual container object
Utility objects and functions
IpatchIter — Iterator instance
IpatchList — An object containing a list of object pointers
IpatchConverter — Base class for object conversion handlers
IpatchConverterSF2VoiceCache — Base object type used for IpatchSF2Voice cache converters
IpatchRiff — RIFF file parser/composer object
IpatchSF2VoiceCache — SoundFont voice cache object
IpatchParamProp — GParamSpec extended properties
IpatchTypeProp — GObject style properties for GTypes
IpatchPaste — Object paste instance
IpatchUnit — Unit conversion system
IpatchUnit_generic — Generic unit types and conversions
IpatchXml — XML tree functions
IpatchXmlObject — GObject related XML tree functions
IpatchRange — A boxed type which defines a number range
md5 — MD5 hashing functions
misc — Miscellaneous stuff
util — Utility functions
Sample data objects and functions
IpatchSample — Sample audio interface
IpatchSampleData — Sample data proxy object.
IpatchSampleStore — Abstract sample storage object
IpatchSampleTransform — Audio format conversion instance
sample — Audio sample format conversion functions and defines.
IpatchSampleList — Sample list data types and functions
IpatchSndFile — libsndfile file object
IpatchSampleStoreCache — Sample store object for cached samples in RAM
IpatchSampleStoreFile — Sample store object type for audio in files on disk
IpatchSampleStoreRam — Sample store object for audio data in RAM
IpatchSampleStoreRom — Sample storage object for audio in ROM of a sound card
IpatchSampleStoreSndFile — Sample store object type which uses libsndfile to access audio in sound files
IpatchSampleStoreSplit24 — Sample storage object for 24 bit audio in 16 and 8 bit segments
IpatchSampleStoreSwap — Sample storage object for audio in a temporary swap file
IpatchSampleStoreVirtual — Virtual sample storage object
DLS patches
IpatchDLS2 — DLS version 2 instrument file object
IpatchDLSFile — DLS file object and functions
IpatchDLS2Info — DLS version 2 info functions and structure
IpatchDLSReader — DLS version 2 file reader
IpatchDLSWriter — DLS instrument file writer
IpatchDLS2Inst — DLS instrument object
IpatchDLS2Region — DLS region object
IpatchDLS2Conn — DLS version 2 connection structures and functions
IpatchDLS2Sample — DLS audio sample object
IpatchUnit_DLS — Unit types and conversions for DLS
SoundFont patches
IpatchSF2 — SoundFont instrument file object
IpatchSF2File — SoundFont file object
IpatchSF2Reader — SoundFont file reader
IpatchSF2Writer — SoundFont writer object
IpatchSF2Preset — SoundFont preset object
IpatchSF2Inst — SoundFont instrument object
IpatchSF2Zone — Abstract base class for SoundFont zones
IpatchSF2Gen — SoundFont generator functions and definitions
IpatchSF2GenItem — SoundFont generator item interface
IpatchSF2Mod — SoundFont modulators
IpatchSF2ModItem — SoundFont modulator item interface
IpatchSF2PZone — SoundFont preset zone object
IpatchSF2IZone — SoundFont instrument zone object
IpatchSF2Sample — SoundFont audio sample
IpatchUnit_SF2 — Unit types and conversions for SoundFont
GigaSampler patches
IpatchGig — GigaSampler instrument file object
IpatchGigFile — GigaSampler file object
IpatchGigInst — GigaSampler instrument object
IpatchGigRegion — GigaSampler region object
IpatchGigDimension — GigaSampler dimension object
IpatchGigSubRegion — GigaSampler sub region object
IpatchGigEffects — GigaSampler instrument parameters and effects
IpatchGigSample — GigaSampler sample object
Virtual banks
IpatchVBank — Virtual bank object
IpatchVBankInst — VBank instrument item
IpatchVBankRegion — Virtual bank instrument region
Object Hierarchy
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