Utility objects and functions

IpatchIter — Iterator instance
IpatchList — An object containing a list of object pointers
IpatchConverter — Base class for object conversion handlers
IpatchConverterSF2VoiceCache — Base object type used for IpatchSF2Voice cache converters
IpatchRiff — RIFF file parser/composer object
IpatchSF2VoiceCache — SoundFont voice cache object
IpatchParamProp — GParamSpec extended properties
IpatchTypeProp — GObject style properties for GTypes
IpatchPaste — Object paste instance
IpatchUnit — Unit conversion system
IpatchUnit_generic — Generic unit types and conversions
IpatchXml — XML tree functions
IpatchXmlObject — GObject related XML tree functions
IpatchRange — A boxed type which defines a number range
md5 — MD5 hashing functions
misc — Miscellaneous stuff
util — Utility functions