SoundFont patches

IpatchSF2 — SoundFont instrument file object
IpatchSF2File — SoundFont file object
IpatchSF2Reader — SoundFont file reader
IpatchSF2Writer — SoundFont writer object
IpatchSF2Preset — SoundFont preset object
IpatchSF2Inst — SoundFont instrument object
IpatchSF2Zone — Abstract base class for SoundFont zones
IpatchSF2Gen — SoundFont generator functions and definitions
IpatchSF2GenItem — SoundFont generator item interface
IpatchSF2Mod — SoundFont modulators
IpatchSF2ModItem — SoundFont modulator item interface
IpatchSF2PZone — SoundFont preset zone object
IpatchSF2IZone — SoundFont instrument zone object
IpatchSF2Sample — SoundFont audio sample
IpatchUnit_SF2 — Unit types and conversions for SoundFont